These sessions are designed to give you a deeper look at areas of the school and programs you are particularly interested in. Our 教师 and students can’t wait to share the things they love doing here with you! 除非另有说明,所有会议都在美国东部时间晚上7点开始. 单击每个主题,可查看会话记录. 


11月8日星期三 阀杆
11月15日星期三 人文学科
11月29日星期三 学习支持
12月5日星期二 寄宿生活
12月13日,星期三 在美国东部时间晚上7点 金融援助
1月10日星期三  正规赌博十大平台排行
1月17日星期三 艺术
1月24日星期三 大学的指导 
1月31日星期三 俱乐部,DEI,浓度
2月7日星期三 仅限学生讨论
2月21日星期三 校友座谈会-听取毕业生的意见







I don’t even know how to begin to convey all of the ways that Solebury means so much to not only my husband and me but especially to our daughter, 美食. As soon as we stepped foot on the Solebury campus we knew that this was the right place for her. 她直呼老师的名字, 班级规模非常小, and is in a learning environment that is conducive to any learning ability. 没有制服, students take an extracurricular activity every semester as well as perform community service, and the dorm environment is a perfect introduction to a college atmosphere. 大学预科是首屈一指的, with one on one assistance with writing college essays and a direct line to the Director of College 招生 who begins meeting with Juniors on a regular basis to make sure they are well-guided and on the right path. Our daughter has gotten into a very competitive program at the college of her choice with a tremendous scholarship. Solebury has so many opportunities for both students and parents to get involved. The teachers and 管理员 are always also very involved in activities outside of the classroom and are cherished by the kids. If you haven’t considered a boarding or day school, visit Solebury. 你一踏进校园就会改变主意. We will forever be grateful to this school that has helped our daughter to grow in ways that we never deemed possible. 



赌博十大平台排行对我们的女儿来说真是天赐良机. 她曾就读于一系列公立和私立学校, 一路上的经历都很复杂. 索伯里给了她一个机会, 有创意的, 整体学习环境, one which nurtures her love for the performing arts and challenges her to grow intellectually, 社会, 和情感上. 我们深深地感谢老师们, 管理员, and all support staff—their care and commitment always goes the extra mile! 索莱伯里是一个非常特殊的社区.

——michele Rivkin-Fish,教堂山,北卡罗来纳州



My name is Tim Gallen, Director of 大学咨询 here at 赌博十大平台排行. 我的学生工作包括一系列的活动, from writing an individual letter of recommendation for each senior (which I further personalize for each college they are applying to), 在你摸索过程中与你交谈, to arranging for representatives from colleges to visit our campus (we bring about 100 schools to campus), to organizing and supervising all standardized testing for our students (P坐, 坐, 行为, AP, 等.). 在这里了解更多关于蒂姆·加伦的信息


My favorite class was hands-down Honors Ethics my sophomore year它挑战了我对这个世界最深刻的一些假设, revealed the complexities of the moral conflicts in our day-to-day lives, and equipped me with tools to navigate the increasingly unsteady landscape of life and its ethical dilemmas. It has sparked an interest in moral philosophy that I have yet to shake, 以及根深蒂固的问“为什么会这样”的习惯?21岁的蒂姆

I love Zachary Arrington’s 英语 9 because he really engages the students and presents the work with real passion and enthusiasm. He makes you feel respected and encourages you to feel good about whatever it is we are studying by enhancing the experience. 在今年之前,我并不喜欢英语, but now it’s one of my favorite classes and I owe it all to Zack. He helped me understand that all things have beauty if you look at them from the right angle. 奥利维亚的23



住宅生活: A Transformative Living Experience at Solebury

Solebury’s residential life program offers a holistic approach to ensure that students not only pursue rigorous academics but learn lifelong skills while building strong bonds with peers and adults within our community. We believe our students can flourish with a balance of structure and flexibility that allows them to learn essential life skills, 尝试新事物, 培养更强的自我意识.